Meet our dedicated veterinary technicians, assistants, client care specialists, and pet care attendants. We are devoted to you and your pets. Please let us know what we can do to improve our services and to make your experience at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital the best!

Bestsey Clinkscales, Bookkeeper & Receptionist at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalBetsey started in 1985 as a veterinary assistant then moved over to the reception desk in 1990. When the bookkeeper needed help in 1993, she moved upstairs to become the assistant bookkeeper. Now she splits her time between the reception desk and the bookkeeping office. If you have a billing question she is the one to talk to. She and her husband have three children and two grandchildren and enjoy camping and anytime the whole family can be together. Riley and Toby are her two beautiful cats.

Head Vet Tech Krystal with DogKrystal started in the year 2000 as a night attendant. From there, she worked as a veterinary assistant, a technician, and now her position is Head Veterinary Technician. Krystal is very knowledgeable, and is very involved with dental procedures at the hospital. She also knows all the tricks important to capturing the perfect x-ray, and knows just about all there is to know about our in-house lab equipment.

Krystal has several rescue pets at home, enjoys activities with her two children, and in her spare time, likes crafting.

Vet Tech Debbie Medeiros-MonteiroDebbie began working at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital in 1997, with experience at other hospitals near and far, and has held many different positions. She is a now a veterinary technician who knows the answers to most of your questions, and she is excellent at handling pets who don't want to be handled! At home, Debbie has two cats and a Labrador. She also enjoys photography and a good laugh.

Vet Tech Kristen with DogKristen began working at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital during the Spring of 2006 working in the kennel before becoming a veterinarian's assistant. Kristen then spent some time working at Animal Kingdom in Florida, specifically as a docent for the gorilla exhibit. In Spring of 2012, Kristen rejoined us, and now works as a veterinary technician. She spends her spare time with her Dachshund, Max.

Amy Roeske, Front Desk Supervisor at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalAmy has been with us since 1988. She had risen through the ranks to become our Front Desk Supervisor, a position she has held for several years. Amy is always thoughtful, courteous, compassionate, and friendly. Amy is a mom to two boys, and enjoys hiking with her three dogs — Rookie, Levi and Stoeger.


Melissa Pavao, Receptionist at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalMelissa came to us in September of 2004, and her timing could not have been more perfect. Her genuine happiness and friendliness has been vital to the helpful client support that we strive for at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital. She'll offer a smile and probably some kisses for your pet when you come into the office! Melissa spends her extra time hiking with her dog, Gabby, and family.

Kathy Hough, Receptionist at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalKathy started working at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital in June of 2008. With 18 years previous experience at other hospitals, it was our lucky day when she came here looking for a job. She is conscientious, compassionate, and thorough — characteristics she shares with all members of our Reception Team. Kathy enjoys traveling, boating, attending car shows, and spending time with her grandson.

Lezlie Souza, Receptionist at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalLezlie first got to know us as a client, then began working with us during July of 2011. She has had a successful career in the service industry, so it is no surprise that she is always cheerful and ready to help. She either has the answers to your questions or she will make it her business to get the answer for you! Lezlie has three daughters, all involved in different athletic activities, and has four cats (several adopted from Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital) as well as a dog.

Deanna Baxter with DogDeanna began working with us in Spring of 2012 and represents a new wave of employees. She has a history of working with animals, and is a person you can count on to assist in meeting your veterinary needs, be it through scheduling of visits or procedures, getting medications or supplies ready for you, or helping with communication between you and our veterinarians. Deanna has three adopted cats at home, and has worked with fostering animals. She also has a Fine Art degree and is a practicing photographer.

Veterinary Assistant Sandra DiogoSandra has several years of experience at a veterinary hospital in North Carolina, working in all areas of the hospital. She began working with us in the Summer of 2009. Sandra is a key member of our Veterinary Assistants Team, and we are happy to work with her. Sandra also enjoys reading, crocheting, camping with her son, and snuggling her adopted cat Henry.

Karen and dogKaren Paiva started working with us in July of 2014. She previously worked in retail, and spent 15 years playing clarinet in a Portuguese marching band. Karen has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and has 3 dogs - a Lab named CJ, a Maltese named Riley, and a Staffordshire terrier named Roxie. In her spare time, Karen enjoys traveling with her husband, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Veterinary Assistant Patti Jo (PJ) FluegelPJ began at Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital in February 2012. You will find that she will serve you with genuine attention to your needs in a most friendly and congenial manner. PJ is part of several Disaster Animal Response Teams (SMART, CCDART and HSUS) and has been trained accordingly. She volunteers at multiple shelters, and recently adopted Moe, a heartworm positive dog who has completed treatment!

Veterinary Assistant Amy ConnellyAmy came to us in the Fall of 2012 as part of a series of new employees who have been excellent additions to our practice. Our employees tend to be pet lovers, and Amy is no exception. She previously worked at the Potter League, and has three dogs of her own — two Puggles, and her rescued Frenchie, Ike!


Pet Care Attendant Chris Gillet with CatChris began as a night attendant in 1998. Today, she helps us out by taking care of many of our day-to-day needs, as well as supplying our patients with all the love they could need! She volunteers at animal shelters in the area, and is becoming a member of the Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team (CCDART). At home, Chris has two Siamese rescue cats.


Lisa Greene, Pet Care Attendant (Night)Lisa has been one of our Night Attendants for several years. She began in 1999, and is one of our many long-term keepers! Lisa has three children that keep her busy, as well as two dogs and two cats (all rescues). In her spare time, Lisa enjoys writing and painting.


Nicole is a student at the University of Rhode Island (URI) who joined our staff in 2011. She has been a full-time summer employee, but likes working with us so much that she has been working Saturdays for the rest of the year. She loves playing with her dog Miley, rock climbing, and reading in her spare time. Nicole is very excited to be starting veterinary school in August 2014!

Kennel Manager Christine L'HeureuxChristine started in September of 1992 as the Weekend Supervisor and worked her way up to Kennel Manager. Her passion has always been animals. She takes great pride in the strays that come through the kennel and in transitioning them to their forever home. She has been married for twenty four years and has a daughter. She also has adopted many strays from the hospital including three dogs and three cats. She spends her spare time with her family camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Kennel Attendant Lori MedeirosLori is a long-time member of our kennel staff. A fastidious cleaner, she makes sure others know how to get the job done right! She gives special attention to the stray animals that are in our care on behalf of the Towns of Tiverton and Little Compton.


Charlene joined the Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital team in February 2014. She is responsible for taking care the our pet boarding guests as well as the strays that we help. She enjoys caring for them all as well as their every need. Charlene loves animals and has a great heart and takes pride in her job. If you're ever thinking of boarding your pets with us just know that your animal will be in the best of care.

Jerry Ruthowski, Maintenance Team at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalEvery busy business needs a maintenance man, and Jerry has been our man since 1996. He repairs and replaces appliances and fixtures and does many maintenance jobs that help to keep us up and running smoothly. Jerry was born deaf, but he has lived long enough for technology to overcome his condition; he had a cochlear implant in 2001 that restored much of his hearing.