Give Your Puppy or Kitten the Right Start in Life

Puppies at Sakonnet Veterinary HospitalAt Sakonnet Veterinary Hospital, each pet's first year of care is customized based on its specific needs to help your puppy or kitten get the right start in life. Just like human children, puppies and kittens require additional physical exams and vaccine boosters during their first five months to ensure that they get the very best start in life. We are always accepting new patients, and puppies and kittens are among our favorites! 

Below are our recommendations, in addition to ones noted above, for your puppy's or kitten's first year.

  • Kitten MittensPhysical Exams: Your puppy's or kitten's lifetime of wellness starts with its first comprehensive physical exam. Puppies and kittens should have 3-4 exams between the ages of 8-16 weeks. These visits are important because they give our veterinarians an opportunity to assess your pet's overall health and to administer vaccines.

  • Vaccinations: Due to their immature immune systems puppies and kittens must receive a series of properly staged vaccines. A group of core vaccines are given to all puppies and kittens, including Rabies vaccines which are required by state law. Depending on where they live and play, your pets may be given other appropriate vaccines.

  • Diagnostic Testing: We recommend that puppies are tested for Heartworm at 6 months of age if not done previously and that kittens are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS at their first visit if not done previously. Fecal examinations are also important to wellness care of puppies and kittens; we look for two negative samples in a row to assure us they are free of intestinal parasites.

  • Additional Recommendations: Your veterinarian will also discuss and recommend other services, such as spaying, neutering or microchipping that can lead to a longer and healthier life for your dog or cat.